An association that promotes access to education and culture.

"Art for life: the way we walk the world"

We are an organization dedicated to working towards the improvement of access to education, culture and the use of new technologies.
We conceive education and culture in it's broadest sense as crucial elements for human, social and economic development, focusing on vulnerable groups of children, young people and adults, to acquire tools to improve their quality of life .

We promote respect for identity and cultural diversity as means of social inclusion, through dialogue, interaction between cultures, and different generations.


We use participatory strategies in order to achieve collective development of new knowledge, and be both beneficiaries and donors.


Our projects focus on the promotion and realization of educational and cultural exchange activities, and artistic creation.



One of our main commitments is to create jobs in the cultural sector while providing access to knowledge and specialized training. Due to this commitment CAMINART´S objectives are to provide diverse educational and training activities, which are held in the form of workshops, talks, seminars and courses.


Interventions made during the period of 2005 - 2012.

In the last 10 years, CaminArt has developed various projects and initiatives aimed at promoting the creation and access to new technologies in the areas of culture. Within the framework of these projects we have organized different interventions , designed to extend our objectives.


On this page you will find the artists and collaborators who have participated in our association. We appreciate their interest, work and confidence in the development of our projects, without their effort and hard work this would not be possible.



"Promotion and dissemination for the creation in the cultural sector through the use of new technologies and extended techniques applied to musical and artistic creation."

Manitas del Barrio

A workshop to give girls and boys a door of speech, and learning through art.

Residencias Artísticas

"Cooperation and impetus to creativity to promote integration, circulation and dissemination of creation, among artists of the Latin American community, Helvetica and European"

Fonoteca al rescate de nuestras tradiciones musicales

Compilations of Mexican Traditional Music

"To promote, support and disseminate the work of traditional Mexican music artists that are at a disadvantage."

Música y danzas tradicionales en Europa

Latin America in Europe,

"To promote, support and disseminate the work of traditional Mexican music artists em Europe."

Viaje por las cocinas Mexicanas

Promotion, dissemination of knowledge and traditions meet. This project aims to promote respect for the different cultures of the world as a way to promote the values of coexistence. Through cultural and gastronomic events, we sensitize the audience to know and appreciate the richness that diversity brings.

Sonidero Tochtli

Collective recordings with musicians in the world

Promotion and dissemination of collective creation