About Us

CaminArt is a non-governmental organization many multidisciplinary groups work together from different parts of the world, by creating an organization dedicated to improve the access to education, culture and the use of new technologies, and promotes participatory process meets.

We are committed to the Millennium Development Goals (UN, 2000) as a guide to face the upcoming challenges in life. Therefore, our projects are designed as means to democratize the access to knowledge, promote respect for cultural diversity, strengthen dialogue and interaction between cultures and different generations, and encourage creativity as elements of social cohesion.

We make networks of multidisciplinary work and international cooperation with like-minded professionals from various disciplines, like music, dance, performing arts, cinema, photography, gastronomy, social sciences, psychology, education, communication and health.

We combine knowledge and experience to build a knowledge dialogue with groups and communities where we work.


Who do we work for?

• Communities in social and/or economic disadvantage.

• Children and youth in rural and marginal areas.

• Indigenous and migrants.

• Women, elder people and other vulnerable social groups.

• Creators, cultural promoters, educators and independent artists looking for spaces of expression.

• Disabled people.

Where do we work?

Switzerland, Mexico, France / Latin America

CaminArt makes international cooperation projects in Switzerland, France and Mexico and specific actions in other countries in Latin America and Europe with the support of local organizations.


Where we are?

Our offices are located in the City of Lausanne, Switzerland and Mexico City, and have local management coordinators in countries where we work.

Asociación Caminart

Amatl No. 20 Col. Pedregal de Santo Domingo, Coyoacán, CDMX.

(00) 52 55 51969820