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Promoting respect for cultural diversity through culture



One of our main commitments is to create sources of employment in the cultural sector while providing access to knowledge and specialized training. Because of this commitment CaminArt's objectives is to offer various training activities and training, which are held in the form of workshops, seminars, courses and seminars.


These activities may occur in association with other organizations, universities and training centers and be of particular character, or be presented as specific activities or collateral activities that accompany a cultural event.



Training courses aimed at youth and adults who want to start any of the following activities. Informatic introduction :


• Appreciation: Art History, opera, theater architecture, sculpture, contemporary art, music history.


• New Technologies: New technologies applied to art, music assisted computer music, editing audio and video programming oriented objects for creating multimedia tools in Max Msp and Jiter, Pure Data, Super Colider, dance and interactivity, contemporary stage designs and transformable spaces, captors motion, new technologies applied to performing arts.


• Music: Musical composition. Spatialization and sound directionality. Writing and publishing scores. Interpretation and transcription of old sheet music, Gregorian chant and classic polyphony, advanced writing techniques for measuring instrument, interpretation courses in all the instruments of the orchestra, jarana, Jarocho fife, laud old, old music, singing.


• Dance: corporal expression, contemporary dance, Butoh workshop, dance for children, Zapateado Jarocho, Danza Flamenca. Theater for children, seniors groups, sancos, clowning, stand up.


• Circus: Jugglers, tightrope, acrobatics, rope, tightrope, cyr wheel, juggling, fire, object manipulation.


• Horse Riding: Riding without violence, communication with your horse, hippotherapy for recovery of self-esteem and appreciation of our abilities, or as a recreational activity supervised by a professional.


• Management software


• Programation : Max msp, jiter, Pure Data


• Audio : Pro tools, Cubase, Digital performer, Audio sculpt, Diphone Studio 4.1, Sound hack, Reason, Live.


• Video : Final cut, Compresor, Dvd studio pro, Adobe premier.


• Design: Fireworks, Adobe photoshop, Dreamweaver, Adobe Ilustraitor, Adobe InDesigne Corel Draw, Corel Photo paint


• Office: word, Exel, Power point.


• Widows, Mac OS, Internet.


• Kitchen: Recreational cuisine, world cuisine, wine, bread making, bread without gluten, making cheese, yogurt, cutting techniques, cooking chocolate.


• American kitchens: Traditional Mexican, Brazilian, Colombian, cuisine


• Europe Kitchens: France, Switzerland, Spanish, Italian, German, Greek, .


• Asian Kitchens: Thai, Chinese, Vietnamese, Indian, Nepal.


• African Kitchens: Arab, Maghreb, Moroccan, Senegal, Mali.

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