Operational frame

We believe in the value of education, culture and access to new technologies as factors for social inclusion and cooperation, as well as for human, social and economic development.


Our objectives are based on the Plans for Development and Cooperation recognized by the Member States of the United Nations (UN), embodied in the Millennium Development Goals which are aimed at:



  • Promotion and dissemination of cultural rights and the promotion of cultural heritage
  • Promoting intercultural dialogue and strengthening respect for cultural diversity
  • Intergenerational integration as a factor of social cohesion, aimed at improving the quality of life
  • Raising awareness on gender equality in the population, mainly in children and young people
  • Development of cultural interventions aimed at restoring the social fabric in conflict and / or disaster areas
  • Participation to improve education at all levels working through cultural interventions and access to new technologies.
  • Development of artistic creation and promotion of cultural expression
  • Creation and strengthening of cultural industries as a source of employment and citizen participation
  • Innovation in arts and communication
  • Participation in networks and platforms of cooperation between different organizations at national and international levels.

Lines of action

Implementation of new communication strategies, using culture, artistic creation and new technologies to promote local development through cultural interventions aimed at promoting expression, cultural diversity, prevent violence and restore social fabric in post conflict and / or post disaster areas with the following guidelines:


  • Encourage the creation and artistic expression.
  • Democratize access to education and culture.
  • Restore the social fabric in post conflict and / or post-disaster arease.
  • Prevention of violence in areas of high migration.
  • Promotion of diversity.
  • Construction of a space of multinational and multicultural exchange between artists and independent artists.
  • Development of cultural interventions.



The official languages for the development of our activities are Spanish and French, however, to strengthen international cooperation and open management system, we adopted German, English, Italian and Portuguese.

Asociación Caminart

Amatl No. 20 Col. Pedregal de Santo Domingo, Coyoacán, CDMX.

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