Manitas del Barrio

Transfer of knowledge through art.

 "A workshop to give children a door of expression and learning through art"




Since 2001, UNESCO has been leading the "International Decade for a Culture of Peace and Non-Violence for Children in the World"; Within this mandate, the organization coordinates and carries out activities in connection with the international law of a culture of peace involving other United Nations entities, governments and civil society actors.

Education for peace plays an important role in this area since it is based on inclusion, which promotes equity as a solid basis for a positive social coexistence where democracy and human rights are promoted as part of the construction of a training environment , Both inside and outside the educational community.


Background and Strategies


MANITAS DEL BARRIO is a program of cultural cooperation for development that emerged to assist the children and children of street workers in the Historic Center of Mexico City, who actively participated with their resources, and their consent for children to participate in a painting workshop.

The themes that were chosen together were directed to know through artistic activities the rights of children, the importance of living without violence, respect for cultural diversity, habits to improve their health and prevent diseases, while Make them aware of the importance of the cultural and social heritage that is the environment that surrounds them.




The products of the workshop that lasted 6 months were diverse drawings that reflected the interests of the children on the chosen subjects and that were taken to their houses to be shared with neighbors and relatives.

This workshop has had a positive influence on children, strengthening their self-esteem and the empowerment of children through the opportunity to express through art their concerns and interests. These abilities and talents contribute to develop positive behavior within their community of residence, their family and social environment.

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