Declaration of Principles

We have as guidelines to chart our objectives and goals, the development and cooperation plans recognized by the Member States of the UN, particularly those that contribute to achieving the Millennium Development Goals.

We work to promote the construction of a society where social inclusion, acceptance of diversity and equity prevail.


We conceive culture, education and communication as factors of human, social and economic development that strengthen the social cohesion of our communities.


We consider that integration and exploition of the potential of culture through multidisciplinary, multicultural and international collaboration are inescapable.


We presume that the participation of people to improve their access to cultural goods is essential for the consolidation of full citizenship in order to contributing to development and democracy.


These  principles  guide our lines of action, programs and activities.

Asociación Caminart

Amatl No. 20 Col. Pedregal de Santo Domingo, Coyoacán, CDMX.

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