Residencias Artísticas

"Culture as a promoter and promoter of values ​​of coexistence Our way of changing the world."

"If we promote common goals, the act of uniting us will amplify our possibilities and strength, while developing the social fabric to create the conditions for a society without violence where we can all share."




CaminArt stimulates and creates opportunities to generate intercultural exchanges and open spaces of expression fostering the encounter between creators, interpreters and artists from different countries and disciplines.

This exchange, at the same time, promotes bonds of solidarity between people and peoples; Creates awareness of the importance of culture as a factor of human development, and revitalizes our sense of community.

We place special emphasis on reconciling, integrating and harnessing the potential of culture in cooperation, in accordance with the Millennium Development Goals.




We invite artists or artistic groups from different places, to travel and be welcomed in the houses and installations of artists from another community, who exchange ideas, techniques and forms of expression, to develop a collective creation, which can be the construction A concert, a recording, a multimedia piece, an installation, a course or a diploma. We give priority to those artists and groups of artists from socially and / or economically disadvantaged communities (young people, rural artists, indigenous people, migrants and the disabled).

We identify common challenges and take advantage of the experiences and successes that each organization has harvested. We deal with issues related to the diversity of indigenous peoples, peace building, communication and dialogue between different generations; We conclude with a round table where we propose how each organization can develop and operate in the subject and define our lines of action.




This exchange achieves, through coexistence between artists from different cultures, to share experiences through art, to discover different realities, distant cultures, ways of life, beliefs and values.

To expose the artistic work of each group to new audiences through various means, including the use of alternative and, where appropriate, local and community media. This makes each of these exchanges "unique" since they are designed to germinate from the relationship that is established between unknown of different cultures that are found to develop a common artistic creation.








Asociación Caminart

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