Viaje por las cocinas mexicanas

CaminArt organizes different events aimed at spreading Mexican traditional gastronomy and music to new audiences in Europe. This project has been carried out since 2006, together with artists and other local associations located in Paris (France) and Lausanne (Switzerland).




Our activities are done in popular neighborhoods, as in small towns, or places where people do not have access to Mexican products because of lack of knowledge, lack of supply, or high prices of ingredients. We organize invitations at local community associations where Mexican food is accompanied by music and tradition at a truly affordable price.

Through gastronomy and music, "Journey through Mexican cuisines" will discover the cultural regions of Mexico, the history of the dishes and their ingredients, the geographical situation of the region, the typical costumes and music, All while tasting delicious dishes, prepared with typical ingredients.


The aim of this initiative is to show the cultural and economic richness that has contributed and has brought mestizaje and cultural diversity to humanity and to highlight its value, promoting the much needed social acceptance among people from different countries and cultures.


As a result, we have made it possible for those attending these events to appreciate the true Mexican food, recognized as an intangible heritage of humanity by UNESCO, and avoid the frequent mistake of confusing it with the Tex Mex cuisine, popularized in the USA.


On the other hand this project has brought together a migrant Mexican and Latin American community living in Paris, Toulouse, Rennes, Montpelier and Lausanne, was able to rediscover its culture and eat at home. At the same time, it inspired actions in other organizations that found media and information to be able to express and self-sustain.


All these interventions were possible thanks to the alliances established between CaminArt and:


• Tochtli Artistic Collective,

• Association la Rôtisserie Sainte Marthe

• Association La Vache Bleu.

• Association La Baleine Blanche Soirées Archimaide.

• Le Center international de culture populaire,

• Le Théâtre de Verre

• La Maison de Mai


Somo of our intervetions:


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